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Upper Northwest Financial Services Association-5As a member of Upper Northwest Financial Services Association, there are many tools available to you.  With the financial landscape continuing to demand of lenders new Capital, improved Safety and Soundness strategies, and new procedures for valuing real property etc. Listed below are some of the programs available to you as a member. These have the potential to save lenders money and shorten the time between loan application and closing.

Consumer Credit Protection Programs

  • Identity Theft Protection and Restoration
  • Credit Disability, Unemployment, and Life Insurance
  • Property Evaluation Programs

Credit Quality Improvement Projects

  • Banking for the Unbanked
  • Risk Outcomes (Business Viability Analysis)

Lender Strategic Planning Resources

  • Enhanced Profitability (real-time product cost analysis/customer management.)
  • Theft insurance on all cash moved to mobile platforms (take away momentum from any non-bank payment system, like Google Wallet or Pay Pal.)
  • Imbedded theft insurance on all cash moved to mobile platforms

New Capital Generation Resources

  • “You’ve Earned It Program” (Customer Appreciation)
  • Digital & direct marketing (website enhancement/brand development)
  • Debit Card Enhancement (programs to encourage debit card usage.)
  • Affinity Group Customer Resources (medical, travel, legal, security, auto, and students.)
  • “Thank You” Accidental Death Programs

Safety and Soundness Programs

  • Bank Solvency Reports
  • Insurance Company Solvency Reports
  • Imbedded theft insurance on all cash moved to mobile platforms
  • Excess Deposit Insurance
  • Blanket Bond Insurance
  • Directors & Officers Insurance

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